Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Time for fun!

Time for fun! Do you have it? Can you afford it?

You all have dreams and desires - things you want to own; things you want to do; things you want to see and experience! How many of these things have you managed to accomplish? Are you waiting until the time is right; until you have enough money? Until you can get enough time off work to give you enough time to do what it is you want?

Do you find that you are always saying one day; or when I'm retired; or maybe next year? Aren't you tired of having to put off all those things you desire? What can you do to change this? Do you need to change your mindset? Do you need to just decide that now is the time? Do you need to ask for additional time off work? Do you need to budget differently or create more income to put aside for your dreams? These are all important questions that you must ask yourself and be willing to take the steps necessary so that you don't have to wait for some day. How often have you heard about that co-worker or friend who said one day or when I'm retired, then the next thing you know they had a major heart attack or were in a car accident and suddenly there are no more some days left for them.

Often you say when you're retired, but you know what, in this economy it seems to be harder and harder for people to be able to afford to retire - so will it ever come? Also, as you age you get more aches and pains so although the plan sounded great when you were thinking about it when you were young, suddenly when retirement comes and you now have the time to do it, you just don't feel the same way you did years before when you were dreaming of this day. Suddenly that wonderful dream is not quite as doable because our bodies have aged and maybe you're not as limber as you used to be. Maybe the old knees or hips just aren't what they used to be any more so suddenly that hiking or biking trip is more challenging now than when you were first dreaming of it.

The point I'm trying to make today is - please don't wait for some day or retirement or when you have more time or money - please find a way to live your dreams now while you are healthy enough to enjoy them.  If it means restructuring your budgeting then do it - what if you were to quit smoking and everything you were spending on smoking you put into a savings account so once a year you would have a nice lump of money to use. What if you were to talk with your current employer to see if you could change your work week into a 4 day week by adding a bit more work time to your Monday to Thursday schedule to free up your Friday. Then on Friday find some sort of work that you can do just on that day and put all that money aside strictly for that special something you want to buy or the trip you want to take. What if you were to do some online work for a couple hours in the evening or on the weekend to create that extra income. If it's time you need more of then perhaps it's just a matter of looking at your lifestyle and see if you can restructure it in a way that frees you up more - again consider condensing your work week into a 4 day week giving you 3 day weekends to enjoy more excursions.

Do what you need to; do what you can do, to create the circumstances that allow you to begin living your dreams now while you are able to - don't wait for one day because sometimes one day never comes.