Thursday, March 22, 2018

Changes - who likes them?

Okay let's jump right into this subject - changes! Who likes them? Most people get quite comfortable in their lives, with the predictability of what's been going on and what will continue to happen. Then you throw a change their way, even a good one, and people go a little crazy. Why is it that change bothers people so much? I think it's because now they have to restructure the way they think and the way they go about things. Personally, I don't think change is always a bad thing. Well, of course it is a bad thing if the change means you just lost your job or maybe a relationship broke up, for at least one person that would be a bad thing. However in the long run, in the future, you may find that this change took you to a better job or a beautiful new person came into your life. But change can also be good. It keeps us from becoming complacent; can you imagine how boring life would be if everything stayed the same forever with no bumps and curves in the road of life.

We recently had a change in our business, the company we're distributors for merged with another company. You can imagine the upheaval this has caused a lot of people. Granted when it was first announced I was skeptical; maybe you could say I was hesitantly optimistic as I believe in the founders of our company and I believe they have our best interests at heart. I really didn't think they would throw us to the dogs. So as word of this merger came forth people were having varied reactions. For my part I just trusted in the leaders, put the message out to the people in my organization and am flowing along to see how it will pan out once the dust settles. There is always a transition period as everything comes together and I think the best course of action is just to stay calm, carry on with your day to day events and have patience. I think this holds true for any situation where a change is occurring - it's going to take time for everything to smooth out, so just try not to get swept up in anyone else's emotional reactions to the situation and reflect only upon yourself. Look at the situation that is underway, look at what was before and what will be in the future; look at how it used to affect you and take steps to understand how it will affect you going forward. Notice the emphasis is looking at how it affects YOU, don't concern yourself with everyone else's drama, your focus needs to be on yourself and the benefits that the change in your life will have on you.

In the heat of the moment it may seem like it is all too much and a really unnecessary change but for some reason the universe conspired to create this change in your life. I believe the best thing to do is embrace it; learn how to make it work best for you and move forward with confidence that there will be good in this change. It just may take a while to understand and see the good but have faith that it is there for you.