Friday, July 21, 2017

Works fine for me ... can it work for you?

The other day we ran into a young man that we’ve known for years. My husband had worked with him when he was just fresh out of high school so we sorted of watched him develop into a man; celebrated his wedding with him and have enjoyed news of his family developing. He now works in the real estate industry and seems to be doing relatively well at it. His wife is a teacher and they have four children. Needless to say they have very busy lives.

While we were catching up, of course he asked what my husband has been doing. In a nutshell we gave him an outline of our lifestyle and all the travelling we have been enjoying. It was interesting, considering that he knows of our network marketing lifestyle, that he asked us what we have done that has afforded us the luxury of being able to travel and enjoy ourselves just as much as we do. He said - what is your recommendation for others to have your type of lifestyle.

Well first I told him – this is NOT me jumping all over trying to recruit you! This is my honest answer.....

NETWORK MARKETING – that is what we have always done; it is what has allowed us to be present at ANY special school functions while the kids were young; it has given us the freedom to travel as often and as long as we want. Can you honestly tell me that with ANY traditional job you can come in late; leave early; skip a day; go on holiday for months at a time; earn an income while you are away playing?? I don’t think so, and if so, you are in an extremely UNIQUE position.

I went on to tell him – you know you need to look at it – and I’m not meaning you have to look at what I’m doing – you need to find the thing that resonates with you. Then investigate it; look at the compensation plan and the monthly requirements and see if it’s a good fit for you. Network marketing – in most forms, gives you the opportunity to make new friends and business associates worldwide; gives you the chance to travel and most importantly, in my opinion, gives you a residual income!!

People might go on to say – yeah but that doesn’t work; really?? Well let’s look at that. I’m able to:
  • Live part time in another country;
  • Earn an income every week no matter where I am and what I’m doing;
  • Take a day off whenever I want;
  • Sleep in and then start work around noon;
  • Spend my work time at the beach, coffee shop or nail salon;
  • Write off my travel expenses on my income tax because you know someone is going to ask me how I am managing to have this lifestyle;
  • Write off a portion of my household expenses on my income tax because I have an office in my house.

It works fine for me. So I guess the question would be – can you tell me a traditional job that you can do all of that with? Traditionally you will work 40 hours a week (if you’re lucky these days) for 40 years to retire with 40% of your income – will that be enough for you?

I am and always will be a network marketer. In the case of my particular business it’s just too simple – I use my skincare products and when I run out of it, I buy from my own website and that covers my monthly requirements – how simple is that?? Use and replace and I have a business that affords me my lifestyle!