Saturday, June 24, 2017

Why network marketing?

You know a lot of people shy away or simply run fast, when anyone mentions they are in a network marketing business. Why is that?  Well unfortunately there are a select few that tend to jump all over a person and try to almost force them that they just HAVE TO join their group. That puts a bad flavor in people’s mouths about network marketers.

Personally I would never convince or persuade someone that this is what you MUST do. If you show interest in knowing about the business that I am in, then I am happy to share the information with you so you are able to make an informed decision. I have been approached repeatedly by distributors with other companies trying to recruit me and it’s just not going to happen. Not because I am afraid or concerned but simply because I must do what in my heart feels right to me and it must be a product line that I feel confident about sharing to others. This is way I approach people as well, if it’s not in your heart, or you don’t see the vision, then this probably isn’t for you, and you know what? That’s okay we can still be friends, I’m certainly not going to hold it against you.

I will always be a network marketer because of the power of the residue income that is available with this method of business.  Now perhaps you were approached by someone but you didn’t fully understand the residue income, which in my opinion is the most important part of the compensation plan. You may not have asked questions because you were worried that if you ask they will be “all over” you. Let me give you a couple different examples of earning income that may make you look at network marketing in another light.

Understand that I can only speak from the way the company I work with is structured.

1. Let’s say you work in an environment where you are paid a commission for sales you create. The customer comes and buys something from you and you get a commission. What happens the next time that customer comes back – do you automatically get a commission again? No – only if you happen to be the person who serves that customer the next time.

With our company when my customer makes a purchase from me – I receive a commission on that purchase. What also happens is the company records that this person is my customer, as I brought them to the website to purchase. Then every time that customer places another order – and I may have absolutely no involvement as they are set up with an account directly with the company – I still receive a commission on all future orders as I was the person who made the initial introduction – this is residual income.

2. If you know about network marketing you know another aspect is team building for an income. Let me ask you this? Would your rather have 100% of one person’s efforts or – in our company’s case – 12% of ten, twenty, hundreds of peoples efforts? As I build a team of like-minded people our company pays me 12% of the total volume created by the entire team. So it’s not me, by myself, having to reach the weekly requirements, is the sum of the entire team that makes it happen.

Let me give you one more example of why I love network marketing – I was recently at the business conference in Houston, Texas. There is always a lot of training going on so for a couple of days I am not focusing on my team or my customers. There is nothing better than being in the middle of training and receiving an email telling me that my team just grew as someone joined us over in Mexico City! It’s pretty exciting; or on Wednesday afternoon, while lying on the beach, and getting that email telling me I just got paid!

(For the record - these are only a couple of ways I can get paid - there are 10 ways to get paid from my company!

 I love the freedom and the financial possibilities available with my network marketing business and am proud to tell people I am a network marketer!