Monday, March 27, 2017

Ask for what you want!

I have a little story to share with everyone today – and there is a point to this story.

We’ve been down living in Mexico for a couple months now. We are in Playa del Carmen which we’ve been told is one of the highest cost of living areas in Mexico. For the locals it is not an easy place to live – consider that, if they’re lucky, they might earn the equivalent of $80 US PER WEEK!

They use a lot of ingenuity to create an income for themselves and every year we see something new
being offered. Sometimes it’s crafty type things other times it’s more creative – such as a group with their ghetto blaster and a break dance routine, the fire dancers, the Michael Jackson impersonator, the guy selling roasted grasshoppers or the guy with his pile of sand that he sculpts into 2 cats. There was even a couple doing special lift moves – I don’t know what you call it but it’s like when you watch a figure skating couple and he is lifting her in different poses. My point is the people are inventive – whatever they can come up with that people might give them money for, that’s what they’ll try.

But the person I really want to bring to your attention is this woman that we see every time we are out and about. Actually today we even saw her walking by our condo. I tell you – this woman walks miles a day, sometimes with her spouse, sometimes not. So what has she got to offer to people for money? Her presence – that’s it! She walks from beach chair to beach chair, from table to table – with her hand out with a coin in her hand – that’s it. She doesn’t say anything and if you don’t notice her she might give you a little bump – but she just stands there with her hand out. You would be surprised at how many people actually give her a few coins!! She is a really smart woman – I’ll just walk around and ask for money all day – wouldn’t surprise me if she makes more than a lot of employed people down here!

So the point of my story is – and this is something that we raised our boys with – don’t be afraid to ask for what you want! The worst that can happen is people will either ignore you or say no – BUT what if they actually said YES!!

Go out and ask for what you want!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Our lifestyle knows no borders!

You just never know who you will meet and where life will take you! Isn't that the truth. I am amazed to think that I have close friends across the globe that I can still keep in close touch with. I'm making new friends from various backgrounds and lifestyles every day! 

In the last year I had the opportunity to meet a new couple from the west coast of Mexico who love to come and spend time at the beach. Highly successful people who know that it's all about enjoying life and having a "job" that fits the lifestyle - not a lifestyle that has to work around your "job".

Our new friend JP has a very successful online business, Veterans Today Live, Independent Net Radio & Media, and he recently interviewed me on living in Playa del Carmen during the Canadian winters.

I invite you to have a listen:

Punish Radio welcomes Cynthia Bandick Temorcioglu; snowbird from Canada to discuss the reality of living in Playa del Carmen during the winter months

Friday, March 10, 2017

An adventure within an adventure!

Life is always fun! While being at our home in Playa del Carmen, I took a side trip to our company's world conference in Houston, Texas! It was a weekend of training, recognition, reconnecting and just overall fun!! Fun - family and friends - always exciting at conference!

I was excited to be spending time with one of my dynamic leaders out of Australia. We met for only a couple hours 2 years ago when I was asked to introduce her to Nucerity and this is the first time we've been together since so I was excited to reconnect, get to know her more and to celebrate all of her accomplishments. As well I met up with the many friends I've made from across the globe and met a whole group of new people. I never cease to be amazed at how technology has made the world so much more connected. I've been able to meet wonderful people at the conferences and then have maintained these friendships through facebook, skype, what's app and zoom - I love technology! It's so easy to stay connected even to the point of holding business meetings over the internet. I have a "helper gene" in me for sure and all this technology makes it easier for me to be directly involved with my global team as the majority of my team are either in Mexico or Australia. 

Our company is all about love, respect, partnership and family! I love the sense of family this company projects - we are all helping everyone, no matter the team. When I had my first Aussie join my team I made a point of meeting other Aussies at the conference and asked them if it would be okay to connect them on facebook so my lady would have some local connections. They were happy to be there to assist with questions as sometimes the time zones make it more difficult for her to get a quick answer from me. This turned into local connections for her and lifelong friends for me - win/win!  As I said the sense of family and everyone working to help each other is so strong in the company. I think that was one of the main things that made me know I wanted to be involved. 

Life is good. I am blessed with all the wonderful people I am surrounded with and I'm excited to continue this journey with Nucerity!

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