Friday, January 13, 2017

Being a tourist in our own backyard!

It's all about the freedom to enjoy life! Whether it's flying away somewhere exotic or simply having a great visit with friends over a dinner that takes hours because of all the chatting and catching up! I love having the opportunity to do this sort of thing and we are blessed that we have a lifestyle that allows us this luxury - yes luxury - don't you find that time to enjoy the things that mean the most to you are exactly that - luxurious!

Let me ask you - when was the last time you took time to "play" in your own backyard.  I can't tell you the last time we actually did something like this.  Isn't it more likely that if you have the opportunity to take some time for yourself and your loved ones you tend to think bigger - like hopping on a plane to somewhere different and interesting.

We took a few days just before Christmas to play like tourists in Vancouver - about an hour from our home but a whole different type of vibe. Our home town has a couple coffee shops (other than Timmy's or Starbucks) and a few restaurants. The thing I love about going into Vancouver or any big city is the diversity - we stayed right at English Bay and walking along Denman street is such a treat! All the funky little restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, unique boutiques - oh so much more variety. When we go in to town I always think I would love to live back in Vancouver - but only until I actually have to drive around down there - ugggh! I keep saying that, were it ever to happen, I'm pretty sure I would quickly become an expert with the transit system!

So like every good tourist, and since we were there at Christmas time, we wanted to take in some light displays. Our final choice was to go to the Capilano Suspension Bridge - we haven't been there in at least 30 years and I have to tell you it's very pretty at Christmas with all the light displays - quite stunning. The price is a little steep, however for locals if you buy a ticket it actually becomes a year long pass - which is great for you when you have people visiting that you want to show the sites to - at least it doesn't cost you admission every time!

We also went over to Granville Island and bought some sweet treats - such yummy choices and I stocked up on my favorite smoked salt that I can't seem to find at home.  As well we spent an afternoon at the Vancouver Aquarium. I know there is a lot of controversy about aquariums in general but there is also all the important work that they do at the Vancouver Aquarium regarding studying and understanding the sea and its inhabitants. This time was a great visit as I told my husband straight up that I wanted to wander at my leisure, stop when I felt like it and not feel rushed to move through the exhibits. My favorite by far had to be the jellyfish displays - such incredible creatures.

Our evenings included strolling along the city streets and then having a couple really great dinners with our friends at some unique restaurants! I love having a lifestyle that is flexible enough to allow us to spend a couple days together reconnecting with each other and our friends! Life is good and I'm just looking forward to more of the same!

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Saturday, January 7, 2017

What's in a name?

You know for me with my business it's all about having fun - with my clients; my business partners; the new people I meet! I have this personal motto - if it's not FUN why do it?

It's all about having fun but it's really not much fun when others don't understand the fun. For example the brand I chose for my business is We Roll Success - you will see it on everything from my email to my facebook page, Instagram and blog - they are all incorporating this brand. But it occurred to me that while other Nucerity people will probably "get it", the general public won't.

Let me tell you why I chose this brand. Our flagship product with Nucerity is Skincerity, the worlds only breathable barrier masque and it comes with a roll on applicator. So when we are talking with people regarding our products we will often ask them - have you been rolled today? Can I roll you? or some such play on the fact that our product is a roll on. I thought it would be fun to further incorporate it into my brand. Then I thought about what we roll and I felt that overall we are rolling SUCCESS - be it in creating better skin conditions for our clients; be it in helping people develop a business that creates additional income, be it in giving people the opportunity to travel more; or to make great new friendships throughout the world. Whatever it is, I felt that our company and products are helping people to succeed  and that is how I decided on the brand WE ROLL SUCCESS!

So now you have it! I will always ROLL SUCCESS and have FUN doing it!

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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Welcome to my blog!

You know business isn't all about selling and recruiting - it's much more than just that - that is only the surface of it. It is really about why we're doing what we are doing. What do we hope to achieve, to accomplish, to gain by doing what we do.

Be it a traditional job; a home based business or an international online business there is always a reason; a why behind it.

As I enter into this blogging aspect of my business I do so with the intention to share my fun with you! But first let me tell you my story - why network marketing, why now and for what reason.

Why network marketing?
Network marketing is not a new concept to me at this point in my life - my first venture into it was in the early 90's when I had young children at home. For our family it was paramount to be directly involved in our children's developing years. Unfortunately for many that just isn't feasible.

I was talking to someone recently with three young children and he was telling me that it costs him $1,800 a month to have his children in daycare?!!

In my mind I was thinking that:
  1.  both parents must have VERY successful jobs/careers to make it worthwhile to pay this, and 
  2.  if one of them stayed home and raised the children they would have $1,800 less monthly expenses. 

As I said it's not always possible, but for us we were lucky that my husband was very supportive in every way; and had a good paying job which enabled me to work from home and develop an income from a home based business while being there for all the events in our children's lives.

We have always been firm believers in the necessity of having more than one source of income; be it a home based business - that can also give you some good tax right offs as you earn an income from it; to a rental property; to smart investments in stocks or RRSP's - but they tend to be more volatile. We hear all too often how someone has been laid off from their job due to downsizing or was injured and can no longer do their job; the company closed; whatever it may be all the sudden they are out of work, so no income. But every month those expenses - rent/mortgage; hydro; electric; groceries; they still need to be paid or bought but do they have enough savings to hold them over until they can find another job. I'm sorry I don't mean to be all doom and gloom but unfortunately this is very much a reality for a lot of people these days.  I believe the most economical way, these days, of creating a secondary source of income is though network marketing - you need to find something you love; that you are passionate about and can speak about from the heart with personal conviction. The power of duplication is a very strong business structure - and did you know that universities even have courses on network marketing - it is the future as more and more people move to online shopping.

Why now?
As I said, in the 90's I had a home based business but after a number of years of working with that business I eventually let it go as I found it was not giving me the joy that I initially had from it. I moved forward with my life never thinking that I would venture once again into network marketing. When I was first approached by my sister-in-law who said she found a business for me with Nucerity International I flat out told her no. I thought, I'm not looking for a business, but then I thought some more about what she said and actually yes I was. Because you see, in 2000 when my brother and sister-in-law decided to live in Mexico we seriously considered going as well. The only thing that held us back was that we didn't have a way to earn a living down there. We knew that it would have to be something we could do online but how did one go about setting up an online business and finding something to sell that people wanted and how to direct people to our website - we had no clue about any of this so we didn't go with them to Mexico. 

Our reason for choosing network marketing?
In a nutshell - freedom! We now have an online business with a very reputable company that has products that are world class, with one of a kind technology and founders who have over 30 years experience at creating global successes. We have the ability to live wherever we want - be it the beach in Mexico; our recreational property in the forest, or anywhere in the world, as long as we have an internet connection we can work on our business. 

We are meeting people and developing friendships across the globe with like minded people who strive for more and live with passion. We are blessed to have the opportunity to do something we love - working with people and helping them to reach their dreams and desires as well.

Our business gives us the freedom to spend more time in Mexico working with the various charities that we are passionate about while at the same time being able to have an income stream through our online business.

Our life is full of fun and adventure and I look forward to sharing stories with you!

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