Thursday, September 14, 2017

Are you a planner or a fly by the seat of the pants person?

It’s all in the planning. Do you believe that or do you just fly by the seat of your pants?

There are people who just take it all as it comes and deal with things one day at a time and then there’s the ones who plan – that’s us. We have always had a plan and you know, for us, our plan has put us in a really happy position in life.

Let me give you an idea of what our plan looked like over the years. Please understand that I don’t tell this story to brag or say look how good we are – I tell this story in the hopes that perhaps someone will read it and get a few good ideas that they can implement to make their lives better.

We have always lived by the philosophy of having more than one source of income because should you lose your job, you lose your income, but you don’t lose all the monthly expenses that still need to be paid.

When I met my husband of now 34 years, I was 17 and still in high school. We dated for 5 1/2 years before we married. During those years we developed our game plan.

Neither of us attended any secondary education so we didn’t end up with any massive student loans.

We would NOT take a loan or borrow money to get married. We had a wedding of 250 guests but we budgeted and with the help of both families paid for it without incurring any debt.

We planned to travel before buying a house or having kids. We were fortunate that my husband had family in Arizona and New York so we took trips to visit them the first couple years after we got married.

The next plan was to have a house then kids. So we took that plan one step further. We made sure to buy a house that had a basement suite in it for renting thereby helping with the expense of the mortgage. It’s all about multiple sources of income.

Okay nicely established – married, traveled, house, now for the babies. 5 years after we got married we had our first child. We lived close to the in-laws and we were fortunate that they wanted to be totally involved with our family and were happy to take care of our son when it was time for me to return to work. So we didn’t incur any daycare costs and our son was enveloped in the Grandparents’ love.

Now the next smart part of our life plan – and I say smart because I’m not sure many people have thought to do this. It was soon time for us to move but we still wanted to leverage our assets as much as possible. So here is what we did – we got a market evaluation on our home then we talked with our close friends and it was decided that they would buy 1/2 ownership of the property and we would jointly use it as a rental property. The 1/2 ownership then became the down payment on our next home. This next home unfortunately did not have a rental suite but we did have the shared income from the first house.

Along came baby number 2 and this time it was decided that I wasn’t going back to work OUTSIDE the home. Notice the word outside – this was when I became a network marketer – we both wanted to have a parent at home with our children and network marketing gave us that option. When I needed to be away for a business presentation it was usually in the evening when my husband was home with the kids.

We spent our children’s growing years always being available to attend all of their school functions, sports games and generally enjoying their developing years. Our summers were spent camping at the lake with friends or spending time with family and during these family/friend times all our kids developed close bonds that continue until today.

The time had come to sell the first home and then soon there was another move in our future. This move took us to our current town and once again a house without a rental suite. I was still working with the same network marketing company however I was moving to a town where I knew NO ONE.  Eventually I let that business go as I found that it was very well established in my new town. Also our plans included future travels out of the country and I found I wasn’t able to continue receiving an income from that business if I wasn’t in the country. At the same time I got a job with a local company as the kids were in school all day and by organizing our schedules we were still able to be there with them when they finished school for the day. After a few years we moved again to a house with a rental unit in it.

Eventually our travels took us to Mexico where we fell in love with the culture and the people! We spend a lot of time there so we purchased a condo there to live in part of each year.  We have it set up with a property manager to rent it while we are in Canada. This again creates another additional source of income for us.

Once the kids were grown and living elsewhere we decided the house was too big for just the 2 of us and we were in a good position financially, so rather than sell the house, we were able to purchase a condo and use the house (up and down) as rentals. We just recently moved back to the house and are renting the condo and one rental unit in the house.

I am again working in network marketing, this time with a global online business which allows me to develop worldwide and earn my income regardless of where I am currently living. Along with this I am still with the company that I started my job with 17 years ago when my kids were small. Some say why when you are doing well with your online business - again it goes back to multiple sources of income - why throw away a few hundred dollars a month, benefits, shares in the company and a pension just because I'm doing well with something else? I just structured my job to fit around MY business schedule so as not to jeopardize my business to accommodate my job.

Over the years we have always kept an open mind to various opportunities, some great, some not so great but we were always open to possibilities.

You can see by my story that we have ALWAYS looked towards multiple sources of income. You may not be in a position to do it with rental properties as we were fortunate enough to do but there will come times when someone wants to share an opportunity with you. Most often these people want to share something good with you because they care about you. These opportunities often don’t require large investments or take too much of your “spare” time, they just need a willingness, on your part, to embrace something often “outside the box”. We would just like to recommend that you listen, you can always say no but what if you said yes?? Could it change something for you? Make things better with a little extra effort??

As our story continues to unfold we are continuing to look at new avenues of earning; new areas to travel to; new people to meet; new adventures to enjoy! We are always looking for opportunities and are always willing to share our opportunity with others looking for a lifestyle like ours!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Works fine for me ... can it work for you?

The other day we ran into a young man that we’ve known for years. My husband had worked with him when he was just fresh out of high school so we sorted of watched him develop into a man; celebrated his wedding with him and have enjoyed news of his family developing. He now works in the real estate industry and seems to be doing relatively well at it. His wife is a teacher and they have four children. Needless to say they have very busy lives.

While we were catching up, of course he asked what my husband has been doing. In a nutshell we gave him an outline of our lifestyle and all the travelling we have been enjoying. It was interesting, considering that he knows of our network marketing lifestyle, that he asked us what we have done that has afforded us the luxury of being able to travel and enjoy ourselves just as much as we do. He said - what is your recommendation for others to have your type of lifestyle.

Well first I told him – this is NOT me jumping all over trying to recruit you! This is my honest answer.....

NETWORK MARKETING – that is what we have always done; it is what has allowed us to be present at ANY special school functions while the kids were young; it has given us the freedom to travel as often and as long as we want. Can you honestly tell me that with ANY traditional job you can come in late; leave early; skip a day; go on holiday for months at a time; earn an income while you are away playing?? I don’t think so, and if so, you are in an extremely UNIQUE position.

I went on to tell him – you know you need to look at it – and I’m not meaning you have to look at what I’m doing – you need to find the thing that resonates with you. Then investigate it; look at the compensation plan and the monthly requirements and see if it’s a good fit for you. Network marketing – in most forms, gives you the opportunity to make new friends and business associates worldwide; gives you the chance to travel and most importantly, in my opinion, gives you a residual income!!

People might go on to say – yeah but that doesn’t work; really?? Well let’s look at that. I’m able to:
  • Live part time in another country;
  • Earn an income every week no matter where I am and what I’m doing;
  • Take a day off whenever I want;
  • Sleep in and then start work around noon;
  • Spend my work time at the beach, coffee shop or nail salon;
  • Write off my travel expenses on my income tax because you know someone is going to ask me how I am managing to have this lifestyle;
  • Write off a portion of my household expenses on my income tax because I have an office in my house.

It works fine for me. So I guess the question would be – can you tell me a traditional job that you can do all of that with? Traditionally you will work 40 hours a week (if you’re lucky these days) for 40 years to retire with 40% of your income – will that be enough for you?

I am and always will be a network marketer. In the case of my particular business it’s just too simple – I use my skincare products and when I run out of it, I buy from my own website and that covers my monthly requirements – how simple is that?? Use and replace and I have a business that affords me my lifestyle!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Why network marketing?

You know a lot of people shy away or simply run fast, when anyone mentions they are in a network marketing business. Why is that?  Well unfortunately there are a select few that tend to jump all over a person and try to almost force them that they just HAVE TO join their group. That puts a bad flavor in people’s mouths about network marketers.

Personally I would never convince or persuade someone that this is what you MUST do. If you show interest in knowing about the business that I am in, then I am happy to share the information with you so you are able to make an informed decision. I have been approached repeatedly by distributors with other companies trying to recruit me and it’s just not going to happen. Not because I am afraid or concerned but simply because I must do what in my heart feels right to me and it must be a product line that I feel confident about sharing to others. This is way I approach people as well, if it’s not in your heart, or you don’t see the vision, then this probably isn’t for you, and you know what? That’s okay we can still be friends, I’m certainly not going to hold it against you.

I will always be a network marketer because of the power of the residue income that is available with this method of business.  Now perhaps you were approached by someone but you didn’t fully understand the residue income, which in my opinion is the most important part of the compensation plan. You may not have asked questions because you were worried that if you ask they will be “all over” you. Let me give you a couple different examples of earning income that may make you look at network marketing in another light.

Understand that I can only speak from the way the company I work with is structured.

1. Let’s say you work in an environment where you are paid a commission for sales you create. The customer comes and buys something from you and you get a commission. What happens the next time that customer comes back – do you automatically get a commission again? No – only if you happen to be the person who serves that customer the next time.

With our company when my customer makes a purchase from me – I receive a commission on that purchase. What also happens is the company records that this person is my customer, as I brought them to the website to purchase. Then every time that customer places another order – and I may have absolutely no involvement as they are set up with an account directly with the company – I still receive a commission on all future orders as I was the person who made the initial introduction – this is residual income.

2. If you know about network marketing you know another aspect is team building for an income. Let me ask you this? Would your rather have 100% of one person’s efforts or – in our company’s case – 12% of ten, twenty, hundreds of peoples efforts? As I build a team of like-minded people our company pays me 12% of the total volume created by the entire team. So it’s not me, by myself, having to reach the weekly requirements, is the sum of the entire team that makes it happen.

Let me give you one more example of why I love network marketing – I was recently at the business conference in Houston, Texas. There is always a lot of training going on so for a couple of days I am not focusing on my team or my customers. There is nothing better than being in the middle of training and receiving an email telling me that my team just grew as someone joined us over in Mexico City! It’s pretty exciting; or on Wednesday afternoon, while lying on the beach, and getting that email telling me I just got paid!

(For the record - these are only a couple of ways I can get paid - there are 10 ways to get paid from my company!

 I love the freedom and the financial possibilities available with my network marketing business and am proud to tell people I am a network marketer!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Ask for what you want!

I have a little story to share with everyone today – and there is a point to this story.

We’ve been down living in Mexico for a couple months now. We are in Playa del Carmen which we’ve been told is one of the highest cost of living areas in Mexico. For the locals it is not an easy place to live – consider that, if they’re lucky, they might earn the equivalent of $80 US PER WEEK!

They use a lot of ingenuity to create an income for themselves and every year we see something new
being offered. Sometimes it’s crafty type things other times it’s more creative – such as a group with their ghetto blaster and a break dance routine, the fire dancers, the Michael Jackson impersonator, the guy selling roasted grasshoppers or the guy with his pile of sand that he sculpts into 2 cats. There was even a couple doing special lift moves – I don’t know what you call it but it’s like when you watch a figure skating couple and he is lifting her in different poses. My point is the people are inventive – whatever they can come up with that people might give them money for, that’s what they’ll try.

But the person I really want to bring to your attention is this woman that we see every time we are out and about. Actually today we even saw her walking by our condo. I tell you – this woman walks miles a day, sometimes with her spouse, sometimes not. So what has she got to offer to people for money? Her presence – that’s it! She walks from beach chair to beach chair, from table to table – with her hand out with a coin in her hand – that’s it. She doesn’t say anything and if you don’t notice her she might give you a little bump – but she just stands there with her hand out. You would be surprised at how many people actually give her a few coins!! She is a really smart woman – I’ll just walk around and ask for money all day – wouldn’t surprise me if she makes more than a lot of employed people down here!

So the point of my story is – and this is something that we raised our boys with – don’t be afraid to ask for what you want! The worst that can happen is people will either ignore you or say no – BUT what if they actually said YES!!

Go out and ask for what you want!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Our lifestyle knows no borders!

You just never know who you will meet and where life will take you! Isn't that the truth. I am amazed to think that I have close friends across the globe that I can still keep in close touch with. I'm making new friends from various backgrounds and lifestyles every day! 

In the last year I had the opportunity to meet a new couple from the west coast of Mexico who love to come and spend time at the beach. Highly successful people who know that it's all about enjoying life and having a "job" that fits the lifestyle - not a lifestyle that has to work around your "job".

Our new friend JP has a very successful online business, Veterans Today Live, Independent Net Radio & Media, and he recently interviewed me on living in Playa del Carmen during the Canadian winters.

I invite you to have a listen:

Punish Radio welcomes Cynthia Bandick Temorcioglu; snowbird from Canada to discuss the reality of living in Playa del Carmen during the winter months

Friday, March 10, 2017

An adventure within an adventure!

Life is always fun! While being at our home in Playa del Carmen, I took a side trip to our company's world conference in Houston, Texas! It was a weekend of training, recognition, reconnecting and just overall fun!! Fun - family and friends - always exciting at conference!

I was excited to be spending time with one of my dynamic leaders out of Australia. We met for only a couple hours 2 years ago when I was asked to introduce her to Nucerity and this is the first time we've been together since so I was excited to reconnect, get to know her more and to celebrate all of her accomplishments. As well I met up with the many friends I've made from across the globe and met a whole group of new people. I never cease to be amazed at how technology has made the world so much more connected. I've been able to meet wonderful people at the conferences and then have maintained these friendships through facebook, skype, what's app and zoom - I love technology! It's so easy to stay connected even to the point of holding business meetings over the internet. I have a "helper gene" in me for sure and all this technology makes it easier for me to be directly involved with my global team as the majority of my team are either in Mexico or Australia. 

Our company is all about love, respect, partnership and family! I love the sense of family this company projects - we are all helping everyone, no matter the team. When I had my first Aussie join my team I made a point of meeting other Aussies at the conference and asked them if it would be okay to connect them on facebook so my lady would have some local connections. They were happy to be there to assist with questions as sometimes the time zones make it more difficult for her to get a quick answer from me. This turned into local connections for her and lifelong friends for me - win/win!  As I said the sense of family and everyone working to help each other is so strong in the company. I think that was one of the main things that made me know I wanted to be involved. 

Life is good. I am blessed with all the wonderful people I am surrounded with and I'm excited to continue this journey with Nucerity!

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Time for a change of venue!

Here we go! It's that time of year when we head south to our home in Mexico to spend a few months in the sunshine - wish we had left before the snow in February but it's all good. At least we weren't trying to leave in the middle of all that bad weather. As much as I love my Canadian hometown I just can't tolerate the grey, wet, dreary way it looks most of the winter. It really depresses me. If it were just cold, even with snow on the ground, and sunny or at least bright, I would be okay. This is one of the reasons that we head south, the others of course being the beach, all our family and friends that live down there, the beautiful Mexican people and their food!

It's funny though when we share with people that we go to live in Mexico for 2 to 3 months out of the year the common reaction is - wow that's a great vacation. You must run out of things to see or money to pay to see everything! People usually miss the whole way we say it - we go there to LIVE - so just as we live here, we do the same there. We own a condo so all the regular household maintenance needs to be done and we work, that's the beautiful part about having an online business - so our days are filled much the same as they would be here. Yes, we take time out to enjoy a walk on the beach and a swim or dos cerveza con nachos (2 beer with nachos) at a local watering hole but we are still doing our work. Up here it would be coffee at Waves with friends and chatting with new people - in Mexico it just switches up a bit but we're still living the same pattern (mostly). Yes, it is more relaxed down there but that comes from the sunshine and the spirit of the people. 

Honestly we love Mexican people, they are so relaxed and to our eyes seem so content. When I go out for a morning walk and all the ground keepers are working in the gardens I make a point to greet them in Spanish and tell how beautiful their gardens look. To see the joy on their faces that a "gringo" took the time not just to notice them but to speak with them and complement them - that fills my heart with joy. We live in a tourist town and I think that the tourists just don't appreciate the people who make their stay in Playa as pleasurable as it is. 

We don't see ourselves as tourists - Playa is our home so I think we look at it with different eyes than the tourists. We actually love to play tour guide when our friends come to visit but sometimes they are surprised when they are packing up to go to the beach and we tell them that we might see them later but we have work to do first. We have quite a team of business partners in the Playa and Cancun areas so it gives me a good opportunity while we are there to build my bonds with them and learn how they work their business in Mexico. Each culture has some unique ways of viewing life which reflects in their business practices. One example that I can think of off the top of my head, which makes me fail completely as a Mexican, is that the women embrace their beauty and are always dressed very nicely and spend a lot of time with makeup to look their finest when they go out. Me not so much, I figure makeup - if I really must, which usually I don't, consists of mascara and lip gloss, that's about it. Besides I have an awesome husband who tells me I look beautiful all the time, even in flipflops, swimmer's hair and sand stuck all over me! Oh well I am what I am and if I started trying to be something else it wouldn't ring true and we MUST be true to ourselves!

So for now it's hasta luego Canada nos vemos en unos meses!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Why the J.O.B. when you say you're successful?

I love living and thinking outside the box!! Years ago my brilliant husband taught me the importance of multiple streams of income - I talked about that in my recent blog about my story and my whys! This way of life has been with us during our entire journey through the years. We are always, always expressing the importance of this to our children and all the young people we interact with.

Especially nowadays with how constant the changes are in the workforce. Back in my parents days, it was that men would (sometimes) finish school and then go into the workforce and work securely with that particular company for the rest of their lives. In this day and age we hear that people will have an average of 7 careers in their lifetimes - that is certainly stress creating!!

What I really find hard to understand is some people's attitudes towards their jobs; their incomes and their lot in life. They complain bitterly about not being able to get ahead and about living pay cheque to pay cheque. Yet as soon as they get a raise or a promotion what do they do? They decide they should move to a new condo and pay more rent to live in a nicer place; they decide to buy or lease a nicer car because they can afford it now; or go out more frequently for a night on the town.  Guess what - they are not really any further ahead because all the extra income they received with that raise or promotion has just been absorbed by their change in lifestyle! If their lifestyle wasn't requiring a better living environment or vehicle, why not keep their lifestyle the same and have that extra income developing some savings for them? With an occasional treat like a night out on the town or a weekend away! Don't you think that would make them feel more like they are getting ahead? Another example I see often are the people where I work who get up in the morning and come to work but the first thing they do on the time sheet is to say Yes to leaving early if work is slow? Again I don't get it! These are the same people who are stressing because they don't have the extra money available for things but here they are giving away that same money? Or they are stressed by their financial issues and don't enjoy their jobs and just "can't handle it" so they decide to take a week off?? Can't they see that they are shooting themselves in the foot? They may have, for a week, given themselves a break from their job but at the same time they have created more financial stress for themselves by giving up their wages for that week??

When we talk about our travels and the lifestyle we have we often hear ... oh it must be nice; or you're so lucky. You know, for one thing, luck has nothing to do with it - our lifestyle has come from the determination and the understanding that there is life outside the box. Just because something has been done one way all these years doesn't mean that it is the only way or that the way can't change!

I find it quite funny when I talk to people at my J.O.B. - yes I still have one of those! People look at me oddly when I say that my job is just for fun and to get me out of the house. I tell my customers I have a business that I work from home and that this job gets me out of the house and away from my computer for a while. Some have even said to me well, if your business is doing so well why are you still working here?? Once again it goes back to having multiple sources of income - not only that but also the fact that I have a union job and I've been there for 17 years now so I'm making a really good wage as well as getting medical and dental benefits. And really, why would I throw away hundreds of dollars of income a month just because I have money coming in from another source?? I have structured my "availability" at work so that it doesn't interfere with my business events. There will never be a time that I can't attend a business function or a personal event because I have to work! That just won't happen! So once again I am maximizing the benefits of both income producing aspects of my life to get the most out of everything!

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Friday, January 13, 2017

Being a tourist in our own backyard!

It's all about the freedom to enjoy life! Whether it's flying away somewhere exotic or simply having a great visit with friends over a dinner that takes hours because of all the chatting and catching up! I love having the opportunity to do this sort of thing and we are blessed that we have a lifestyle that allows us this luxury - yes luxury - don't you find that time to enjoy the things that mean the most to you are exactly that - luxurious!

Let me ask you - when was the last time you took time to "play" in your own backyard.  I can't tell you the last time we actually did something like this.  Isn't it more likely that if you have the opportunity to take some time for yourself and your loved ones you tend to think bigger - like hopping on a plane to somewhere different and interesting.

We took a few days just before Christmas to play like tourists in Vancouver - about an hour from our home but a whole different type of vibe. Our home town has a couple coffee shops (other than Timmy's or Starbucks) and a few restaurants. The thing I love about going into Vancouver or any big city is the diversity - we stayed right at English Bay and walking along Denman street is such a treat! All the funky little restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, unique boutiques - oh so much more variety. When we go in to town I always think I would love to live back in Vancouver - but only until I actually have to drive around down there - ugggh! I keep saying that, were it ever to happen, I'm pretty sure I would quickly become an expert with the transit system!

So like every good tourist, and since we were there at Christmas time, we wanted to take in some light displays. Our final choice was to go to the Capilano Suspension Bridge - we haven't been there in at least 30 years and I have to tell you it's very pretty at Christmas with all the light displays - quite stunning. The price is a little steep, however for locals if you buy a ticket it actually becomes a year long pass - which is great for you when you have people visiting that you want to show the sites to - at least it doesn't cost you admission every time!

We also went over to Granville Island and bought some sweet treats - such yummy choices and I stocked up on my favorite smoked salt that I can't seem to find at home.  As well we spent an afternoon at the Vancouver Aquarium. I know there is a lot of controversy about aquariums in general but there is also all the important work that they do at the Vancouver Aquarium regarding studying and understanding the sea and its inhabitants. This time was a great visit as I told my husband straight up that I wanted to wander at my leisure, stop when I felt like it and not feel rushed to move through the exhibits. My favorite by far had to be the jellyfish displays - such incredible creatures.

Our evenings included strolling along the city streets and then having a couple really great dinners with our friends at some unique restaurants! I love having a lifestyle that is flexible enough to allow us to spend a couple days together reconnecting with each other and our friends! Life is good and I'm just looking forward to more of the same!

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Saturday, January 7, 2017

What's in a name?

You know for me with my business it's all about having fun - with my clients; my business partners; the new people I meet! I have this personal motto - if it's not FUN why do it?

It's all about having fun but it's really not much fun when others don't understand the fun. For example the brand I chose for my business is We Roll Success - you will see it on everything from my email to my facebook page, Instagram and blog - they are all incorporating this brand. But it occurred to me that while other Nucerity people will probably "get it", the general public won't.

Let me tell you why I chose this brand. Our flagship product with Nucerity is Skincerity, the worlds only breathable barrier masque and it comes with a roll on applicator. So when we are talking with people regarding our products we will often ask them - have you been rolled today? Can I roll you? or some such play on the fact that our product is a roll on. I thought it would be fun to further incorporate it into my brand. Then I thought about what we roll and I felt that overall we are rolling SUCCESS - be it in creating better skin conditions for our clients; be it in helping people develop a business that creates additional income, be it in giving people the opportunity to travel more; or to make great new friendships throughout the world. Whatever it is, I felt that our company and products are helping people to succeed  and that is how I decided on the brand WE ROLL SUCCESS!

So now you have it! I will always ROLL SUCCESS and have FUN doing it!

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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Welcome to my blog!

You know business isn't all about selling and recruiting - it's much more than just that - that is only the surface of it. It is really about why we're doing what we are doing. What do we hope to achieve, to accomplish, to gain by doing what we do.

Be it a traditional job; a home based business or an international online business there is always a reason; a why behind it.

As I enter into this blogging aspect of my business I do so with the intention to share my fun with you! But first let me tell you my story - why network marketing, why now and for what reason.

Why network marketing?
Network marketing is not a new concept to me at this point in my life - my first venture into it was in the early 90's when I had young children at home. For our family it was paramount to be directly involved in our children's developing years. Unfortunately for many that just isn't feasible.

I was talking to someone recently with three young children and he was telling me that it costs him $1,800 a month to have his children in daycare?!!

In my mind I was thinking that:
  1.  both parents must have VERY successful jobs/careers to make it worthwhile to pay this, and 
  2.  if one of them stayed home and raised the children they would have $1,800 less monthly expenses. 

As I said it's not always possible, but for us we were lucky that my husband was very supportive in every way; and had a good paying job which enabled me to work from home and develop an income from a home based business while being there for all the events in our children's lives.

We have always been firm believers in the necessity of having more than one source of income; be it a home based business - that can also give you some good tax right offs as you earn an income from it; to a rental property; to smart investments in stocks or RRSP's - but they tend to be more volatile. We hear all too often how someone has been laid off from their job due to downsizing or was injured and can no longer do their job; the company closed; whatever it may be all the sudden they are out of work, so no income. But every month those expenses - rent/mortgage; hydro; electric; groceries; they still need to be paid or bought but do they have enough savings to hold them over until they can find another job. I'm sorry I don't mean to be all doom and gloom but unfortunately this is very much a reality for a lot of people these days.  I believe the most economical way, these days, of creating a secondary source of income is though network marketing - you need to find something you love; that you are passionate about and can speak about from the heart with personal conviction. The power of duplication is a very strong business structure - and did you know that universities even have courses on network marketing - it is the future as more and more people move to online shopping.

Why now?
As I said, in the 90's I had a home based business but after a number of years of working with that business I eventually let it go as I found it was not giving me the joy that I initially had from it. I moved forward with my life never thinking that I would venture once again into network marketing. When I was first approached by my sister-in-law who said she found a business for me with Nucerity International I flat out told her no. I thought, I'm not looking for a business, but then I thought some more about what she said and actually yes I was. Because you see, in 2000 when my brother and sister-in-law decided to live in Mexico we seriously considered going as well. The only thing that held us back was that we didn't have a way to earn a living down there. We knew that it would have to be something we could do online but how did one go about setting up an online business and finding something to sell that people wanted and how to direct people to our website - we had no clue about any of this so we didn't go with them to Mexico. 

Our reason for choosing network marketing?
In a nutshell - freedom! We now have an online business with a very reputable company that has products that are world class, with one of a kind technology and founders who have over 30 years experience at creating global successes. We have the ability to live wherever we want - be it the beach in Mexico; our recreational property in the forest, or anywhere in the world, as long as we have an internet connection we can work on our business. 

We are meeting people and developing friendships across the globe with like minded people who strive for more and live with passion. We are blessed to have the opportunity to do something we love - working with people and helping them to reach their dreams and desires as well.

Our business gives us the freedom to spend more time in Mexico working with the various charities that we are passionate about while at the same time being able to have an income stream through our online business.

Our life is full of fun and adventure and I look forward to sharing stories with you!

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