Friday, August 17, 2018

It's not only about multiple sources of income......

It's been a while since I shared anything so now just feels like a good time.

The point of having a business of your own is the freedom it gives you as well as the options to decide who you want to work with and how you want to develop and earn those extra income streams. I love the diversity that has developed as the technology industry develops. Do you remember when the internet was first introduced to the world as a possibility and future means of communicating with the world? How many of you (myself include) really understood just how enormous this would become?

There are just so many options open to us these days - from on line marketing and sales, to coaching and mentoring, to just helping support others with their dreams. Sometimes it's not always about the money but about believing in your dream and wanting to share it with the world. Or believing in someone's else dream and helping them to share it with the world. Sometimes there's more satisfaction in helping others than in the actual amount of money you earn in doing so. However, remember that it's like throwing a rock into the water and creating all those ripples - you never know when something you help promote might lead to someone having a look at you and what it is you are doing. So it's not necessarily about the instant gratification. Sometimes it's like fishing - you throw a line out and see what nibbles you get.

On this note I do want to share with you two such endeavours that I am helping friends to promote. Perhaps you could take a minute to look at them as they may be of interest to you or someone you know. Please feel free to share as you see fit.

Love Notes by Suzanne

First let me introduce you to Love Notes - it's a beautiful way to send encouraging and inspiring words to all the people who are important to you.

Love Notes: The I am Special-You are Special movement evolved when Suzanne realized that the very messages of love and empowerment she had been receiving for years while meditating were exactly what others needed to hear. These loving messages help us feel loved for exactly who we are. We are perfect and we are special and we never need to feel alone again. Who do you know that could benefit from these gentle and loving reminders?

EXPAT 911 Affiliate Program
Click on image to visit website
Another project which I feel very strongly about and agree is a very well thought of and necessary app for people traveling throughout Mexico is called ExPat911.

Here's is a great explanation of this app:

"We decided to make a service to help our fellow Expats with reporting crimes and emergencies. This company was created by two partners who share a combined 45 years of living in all parts of Mexico. We also share a combined 25 years of online experience running a major network dedicated to US Veterans. It was an easy decision to apply this experience to something that would benefit our fellow brothers and sisters who also enjoy living abroad in the great country of Mexico.

Unfortunately, many of our Expats have not been able to break the language barrier. Imagine being in a life threatening emergency situation, and trying to speak to 911 in Mexico. Would you feel comfortable explaining all of your symptoms or explaining about a crime that is being committed in your home? After speaking to many of our fellow Expats, we realized that a service like this was 100% necessary. So we have decided to create ExPat911.

The idea is simple…

When you report a crime or emergency using our app, you will always get a native English speaking operator. We also have people on staff who speak Spanish as their native language. So while you are reporting your emergency to the English speaking operator, someone else will be reporting that emergency on your behalf in perfect Spanish at the exact same time. This will ensure that all of the information is given in a timely manner when seconds could be the difference between life and death."

These are two great ideas that I am happy to help promote. Please have a look and share the links to those who would benefit from them.